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Whether you're trying to promote a website, event, song, album or video; Twitter is an effective option if well executed. With a network of 2M+ followers, we have the means to measure & boost your impact. Our Twitter campaign is designed to help you achieve  results that drive action and add value to your goals.

Our Objective

  • Awareness

Get as many people as possible to hear your music.

  • Followers

Build an engaged audience to amplify your fan base.

  • Link Clicks

Drive traffic to your music.

  • Promote Videos

Videos are a great way to bring awareness, drive traffic to your music and build an engaged fan base.

S: Song

V: Video

E: Event

Media Type:
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Twitter Analytics


  • times people saw the tweet on Twitter


  • times people interacted with the tweet

 Media Engagements

  • number of clicks on your media counted across videos, vines, gifs and images


  • times people retweeted the tweet

Detail Expands

  • times people viewed the details about this tweet


  • times people like the tweet

Link Clicks

  • clicks on URL in the tweet

Profile Clicks

  • number of clicks on your name, @handle or profile photo


  • replies to the tweet


  • number of people who followed you directly from the tweet