Jay-Z Is Receiving Blacklash For Reference To XXXTentacion



"JAY-Z’s Reference to XXXTentacion Is Hugely Irresponsible"


As Nothing Was the Same, Drake’s fourth studio album, comes to a close, “Pound Cake” wraps up the icy, gritty record on a melancholy note. Drizzy brings in JAY-Z for a mic-swapping tirade of wealth in its various shades, fittingly over Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” sample to give it its pop. Drake’s fifth album Scorpion again features JAY-Z, fresh off of the musical trio of commercial infidelity that is Beyoncé’s Lemonade, his own 4:44, and EVERYTHING IS LOVE, in a new, even more prostrate world-weary manner on “Talk Up.” It immediately establishes itself as a sequel unlike anything that came before it, with Jay delving into political territory via attacks on Trump. That’s neither here nor there — JAY-Z’s vocal disdain of the country’s celebrity-in-chief has long been apparent. But what’s making people scratch their heads is the verse’s kicker: “Y’all killed X and let Zimmerman live. Streets is done.”

That “X” is Florida rapper XXXTentacion, victim of a robbery gone wrong, tragically gunned down on June 18 in Deerfield Beach, Florida, leaving a motorsport shop on a conquest to purchase a new bike. His death caused a national wave of examination into his life and riots at the fact that another black life was taken before it could reach its prime. His violent backstory and alleged history of domestic abuse didn’t go unnoticed — death just has a way of mitigating the worst of a person and pumping the media’s best version of them to the public. But, in death, he touched rappers that perhaps never had contact with him. A symbol for anarchy and singularity, he achieved a martyrdom in death that places him in the realm of influential artists taken before their time like Tupac, Biggie, and Big L.

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Trayvon Martin was a young black adult that met his end at the hands of a local neighborhood watch member named George Zimmerman for minding his business while wearing a hoodie, and, of course, being black. His death changed the face of racial relations in the United States, becoming the beginning of serious conversation in the country that continues to fuel the need for change. Riots, protests, and programs have come in the wake of his death. All the while, Zimmerman gained a dark fame that comes with death threats instead of adoration. According to Zimmerman’s brother, his life is a living hell. Jobs won’t hire him, people don’t like him, everything changed when he ended that young man’s life. It doesn’t help that he still speaks about the shooting, even when the country is determined to forbid him the attention that he desperately seeks.

George Zimmerman lives and walks today while XXXTentacion rests in the mausoleum erected in his honor. While Zimmerman has continuously escaped justice, XXXTentacion met his end while minding his business and driving a $165,000 car. JAY-Z’s final line observes this, but with the finality of “the streets is done,” he opens up an entirely new conversation. One of vengeance, a call to action for a state immersed in controversy. If it does get acted upon, who will be to blame? The murderer? Or JAY-Z for inciting this methodology?

Waka Flocka Flame has been the first to speak out about the line. In a since-deleted tweet, Waka criticized JAY-Z’s seeming placement of blame on the youth. “Those words was uncalled for J,” he began. “You got way more coins/connections then us my g…you could’ve got that job done but blame the unguided youth.” He followed the tweet with another saying, “X died off pure hate and jealousy nothing more nothing less #LongLiveXXX.”  Read More...


Simply put, we ALL know killing is wrong but Jay-Z's verse is mistaken! He is turning a mirror on to the black community. Killing each other while people like Zimmerman walk freely, without a care in the world? Instead of taking away from each other and killing one another, standing together should be the objective! You can kill without harming a person. Try killing his peace by using freedom of speech. He should not be able to go anywhere without his actions haunting him. He should face it every single day. Ignoring your enemies and killing your neighbor..

If you took that verse any other way, YOU are the problem!