Houston Rapper Wins Freestyle Challenge

We recent hosted a freestyle challenge on social media. 3 FREE beats were provided by our producer Street Beatz ATL  for artists to freestyle on for a chance to win a free week of promotion on a song of the winning artists' choice. This challenge was based on flow and speed. On the behalf of everyone at Majer ENT., we'd like to thank ALL participants.

On January 2nd; we voted Houston, TX rapper, Super5Stoned had won the challenge. Super5Stoned was chosen based on flow and he was speedy in delivering the track. Surprisingly he submitted his freestyle shortly after the challenge started.

Here is his submission:

We got a chance to briefly speak with our freestyle challenge winner and he's what he had to say.

"I started rapping at the age of 14. Rapping is my release from all the stress and emotions I feel, I put my soul on every track, so you can feel the raw emotion and energy. I am beyond excited for this year. I just signed with Wealth Nation and having them guide and direct my career is going to be huge. My motto I live by is this: I came into this with nothing, so I've got nothing to lose but everything to gain. Failure isnt a option. By summer, I'll be on tour, I promise that."

Super5Stoned recently released his viral single 'Hating On Me'.


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